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June 23, 2017
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Conscious Living


Light & Consciousness

Light is your conscious state. It is the state when you are fully present and your being has reached its true north. It is the authentic state of your being at the roots of your soul. When you follow your soul, your vibration rises. Contrary to this, when you follow your Ego, your consciousness lowers becoming unconscious. During this state things like fear, doubt, sadness, anxiety and worry kick in. The Ego’s survival depends on your unconscious identification with it. To raise the consciousnesses light needs to be shined into the darkness of the unconscious (ego) so that you don’t re-live the Ego’s state over again and again. Basically, the darkness needs to come to the surface in order for it to reach the light.

So for me, I’ve had to allow all of the things that have been rooted down in my soul, memories, past experiences and feelings come to the surface. It is not easy when this happens because it is emotional, confronting and sometimes mind boggling. I have experienced this with the help of powerful tools that have allowed me to connect within. Some of these include reiki, intuitive healing, meditation and yoga to name a few.


Subconsciously Creating this Life

I am truly grateful that in this lifetime I am aware of all that I am at an age that I don’t have so many things tying me down so I can explore this further and really work on it now in this present moment. Long before I started this business I was subconsciously aware of my spirituality, as a child writing in a journal about things in my future. I remember having a small green sack full of crystals, I don’t think I knew what they were at the time but I absolutely loved them, they resonated with me. I wish I could find them now! I wasn’t brought up in a spiritual or religious home to influence any of this. I have found wishing notes describing the exact place that I am currently living in, with the dog, the car, the vege garden out the back and the hills surrounding … so descriptive. The power of manifestation is incredible and it is a major part of Conscious Living. Imagine raising your children up in this way, the life they would live.


Conscious Living

Mahtama Ghandi says it so well “ You must be the change you wish to see in the world”. Since experiencing the many things that I have over the past 6 years which for me has been the most intense part of my life to date (end of my second 7-year cycle and beginning of the third) I have come to the realization that when we become conscious we see clearer and we can better handle life’s roller coaster rides when they appear. So, when we can better handle life, we no longer need to be working against it and instead begin to work with it. Think about all the people living in a rush or living in fear or hatred and are at war with themselves or others. They are working against something and trying to either take something or achieve something rather then living in the present consciously, they are living in the past or future, unconsciously. My belief is that the more shining lights we have in this world the higher the energy vibration is. For me, this means better health, more positivity, more compassion, better sustainability and a more peaceful world.