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June 23, 2017
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August 7, 2017

Getting A Betters Nights Sleep

Sleep. We all love it but sometimes sadly we don’t get enough. We may have a lot on the mind, anxieties worry us or perhaps your just not tired. A good night sleep is a huge part of the health equation and can really impact on your overall health and well-being. If my friends, family or clients are feeling this I will ask ‘How many hours of sleep are you getting?’ For me I need a solid eight hours of sleep each night with my eyes shut and my head on the pillow zonked out! I know what it feels like to be up late at night not being able to sleep, perhaps I am not tired, something is on my mind or I am just really restless. Here is some tips that may help you!

Switch off your mobile phone: That brightly lit screen that is forcing you to squint seriously cant be calming the mind down instead its making you alert and most likely keeping the mind active on what your followers are commenting or best friends are doing next weekend! Try to keep your phone out of the room, in the kitchen and switch it on to aeroplane mode.

Journal: Writing down your thoughts can really clear the mind and settle you down for sleep. It can help you recap on your day, plan tomorrow or even let something out so that the mind has nothing to ponder on whilst trying to get to sleep. Keep your journal on your bedside where you can see it each night.

Avoid spicy foods at night: For some people garlic, curries and spices can be too stimulating for the body and make you restless.

Do yoga and meditation: Both are great for improving sleep and decreasing stress levels and also making the body feel light and calm before you sleep. There’s nothing worse then feeling uncomfortable in bed, the pillow isn’t right, your sore and stiff and you just cant get into a comfortable, snuggly position.

Restore sleeping patterns: Stick to a routine bed pattern where you wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day. You will begin to train your body clock and this will help to get to sleep each night. Also, tuck yourself in and treat yourself as if you would your child, make yourself feel loved, by you. Read a short story.

Use lavender oil: Lavender immediately calms the body down. I use to have really bad anxiety 4 years ago and to assist with this I have a lavender spray in my bedside draw and each night I would spray it over my entire bed.

Sip on a hot drink before bed: A beautiful tea blend is nice and soothing before bed. I like to combine chamomile and Valerian Root.

Enjoy tryptophan-rich foods at night: Tryptophan is the precursor to melatonin, the hormone that puts us to sleep and its found in protein. So nuts, seafood, turkey, poultry or eggs are good on the dinner menu.

Reduce sugar and alcohol: The two stimulates do absolutely no favors when it comes to getting to sleep. Your most likely to wake up during the night after consuming them and wont get a solid sleep. You may sleep but you may wake up feeling a lack of energy and dehydrated.


So, how many hours are you getting of sleep each night?

What do you feel may be impacting on this?

What 3 thing scan you do to improve your sleep?


I hope this helps and happy sleeping beauties.

Love and light,