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How To Purchase dŌTERRA Essential Oils


When purchasing essential oils it is recommended you obtain them from a trusted source that has strict quality and testing standards. I use doTERRA essential oils as they are reliable, safe and pure, being what’s on the label is what’s in the bottle. doTERRA have an easy way to purchase their oils.


doTERRA essential oils can be purchased direct through Brooke at retail price, simply request a order form from Brooke. This is the most expensive way to purchase doTERRA oils but great for a casual oil purchaser who just would like to try one or two bottles during the year. But if you’re like me you’ll fall in love with them and want more!!

GET 25% DISCOUNT – Create a wholesale account to get 25% off the retail price. Don’t let the word wholesale scare you, this option is similar to a Loyalty Reward Card. You pay a wholesale membership of $35 and then you can purchase doTERRA products at a discounted price of 25% off – it’s a bit like a Costco or Adairs membership. The benefits of joining Soul Collective Essential Oil Team with a wholesale account:

– Get access to wholesale pricing (25% discount)
– No monthly order required (unless you join doTERRA Loyalty Rewards Program, which is what I have done to help build my collection, but this is optional)
– Option to receive 10-30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points (on top of the 25% discount) to order FREE oil (gotta love freebies!)
– Eligibility to receive doTERRA FREE Product of the Month
– Be a part of our facebook group Soul Collective – Essential Oils facebook group and Soul Collective Tribe – Essential Oils Team facebook group where no question is a silly question and you can feel supported by many other wonderful folk on their oily journey!
– Stay up to date with emails from me with the latest news and free offers from doTERRA.
– Receive support and education from me about essential oils.
– FREE 115 Uses for the Home Essentials Kit eBook.
– Access to weekly introductory classes and monthly workshops, Australia-wide and International


1. Pay a one-off membership fee of $35 and choose any oils, blends, or consumables to create a custom order whenever you like. No minimum order required. This will give you 25% off the retail prices. There’s no minimum spend and there’s never any obligation to make another purchase if you don’t want to. You do NOT need to place an order every month or on-sell to friends or family, you simply get to save 25%.


Purchase an enrolment kit. The kits are a fantastic way to get started with doTERRA – Purchasing a starter kit is without a doubt the most economical way to get started as you will receive an even bigger discount (over $200 discount on the Home Essentials Kit, pictured above in cover photo this is the kit I started with as it’s incredible value). Your membership fee of $35 is waived and you save 25%-55% on all future orders.

Once you become a Wellness Advocate, you receive 25-55% savings on future orders. There is no obligation to purchase monthly or to sell the oils. However, if you find that you LOVE the oils and start sharing them with friends and family, you can take advantage of doTERRA’s generous compensation plans by joining the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). For those who want to share the oils, your wholesale membership also includes

– free personalised online store (like mine)
– virtual office that tracks all your sales and the opportunity to grow a business
– access to facebook support run by our team leader, where you can ask questions and receive support so you can use and share the oils with confidence
– I will introduce you to my doTERRA coach, who will mentor you into a leadership role with your own doTERRA oils business. I of course, will support you as well.

Disclaimer: I am a doTERRA Wellness Advocate, I make commissions on sales and on the sales of my team.




If I sign up with a wholesale account, do I have to sell the oils?

The option to create an income from sharing oils is one of the most exciting aspects of a wholesale membership. However, it is not a requirement. If you just want to use your wholesale membership to purchase oils for yourself and your family, that’s fabulous. And we won’t bug you about it.


What if I want to customise my order and not get a kit?

You can customise your order! You can either purchase an enrollment kit and buy a bundle of products at a discount when you sign up, or fill your cart and enrol with whatever products you like. Many people start with an enrollment kit and then add on the one or two things they want that aren’t in the kit. The kits are such a great deal it’s hard to pass them up.


What is the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)?

Just like everyday household essentials, there are items you may use frequently and wish to buy regularly. The Loyalty Rewards Program makes it easy to order those items and rewards you with product credit points that can be redeemed for doTERRA products! As a participant in the program, you will immediately begin to earn product credits and the longer you participate, the more credits you can earn – up to 30% of your total Loyalty Rewards monthly Points Value.



Contact me (Brooke) and I can help you process your order so that you know its been done correctly (or come to one of my classes). Otherwise, if you can you know what to do now you can write down my doterra ID 4714816 and follow the steps below:


Steps to Order

So there’s two ways to purchase the oils:

1. Retail price (through me) (most expensive way)
2. Wholesale price (25% saving) (pay$35 one-time membership + your oils) (also through me)

So depending on which option you’d like to choose depends on the price.

Once you decide which option above, you have another two options:

1. Purchase single oils + pay the $35 wholesale membership
2. Purchase a Kit. E.g. Home Essentials Kit ($200 saving on the top 10 oils + petal diffuser) includes wholesale membership fee waived

You can find all the kits, products here:…/br…/AU-Natures-solution-2018.pdf
Once you’ve decided what option you’d like to take when purchasing your essential oils you can now do this in a convenient way online via my Doterra website. Of course I can do this for you if you’d feel more comfortable, otherwise follow the steps below.

Head to my Doterra website

Click ‘join and save’ in top right hand corner and it will take you to a series of prompting questions.

Make sure you click ‘Australia’ as your location.

It will then give you options for your account, click ‘wholesale customer’ (if you just wish to use the oils) or ‘wellness advocate’ (if you wish to share the oils)

Then fill in your details.

Where it says ‘enroller Id’ please put 4714816 (My ID)

Then once all details are correct …

On the next page at the top scroll and click the enrolment kit you wish to purchase or if your just wantxing the wholesale membership, click ‘wholesale account’ $35 then add those oils to the cart.

Then next page will ask you to put payment details in.

I will then get a confirmation email and so will you (yours will have your login details) I will then get in touch and share my online resources with you 🙂

If you have any issues please just let me know 😊