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January 1, 2018
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July 26, 2018

A Male Yogis Perspective

Josh Blau

This Universe we live in is so powerful right? It connects us with so many humans far and wide, all on different journeys, having different experiences in their Earth Suit. I was recently connected with Josh through a friend of a friend as he is bringing his amazing yoga experience and perspective to Wagga Wagga. To have his calibre of experience shared here in regional Australia is something many of us will be truly be grateful for come April 28 2018. I know I can’t wait to get upside down!

Recently, I have been drawn to the male perspective on yoga, especially from the view of a male teacher. As a teacher myself, I am always getting little comments here and there from males ‘oh I am not flexible for yoga’, or ‘yoga is for girls’ … eh hum I repeat to myself  ‘you mean goddesses, right?’. It just happens to be that Josh popped up at the perfect time where I could ask a few questions and get his perspective on this incredibly powerful practice, as a male.

Josh is known for his fun yet challenging classes. With a diverse spectrum of knowledge, including a 200hr training in L.A with Black Dog Yoga and a 500hr training with Sri Dharma Mittra at Dharma Yoga Centre in New York City. One of his talents can be found in teaching the most unlikely practitioner how to face and conquer fears through alignment, technique and getting upside down.
After 3 years of touring the globe with Wanderlust Festival and being a lululemon brand ambassador Josh has been travelling facilitating teacher trainings, workshops and events.

” My passion is guiding people to a place where they can feel connected to themselves and higher states of consciousness. When a deeper connection to self occurs, we can begin to live life in a state of balance and flow!” – Josh Blau

For the males out there, I hope this may just spark your interest to attend a local class near you, better yet, attend the workshop with Josh in Wagga Wagga in April. Details below.


What brought you first onto the mat and why?


Yoga actually found me first. I was 19 and travelling around India and met an Aryuvedic doctor who introduced me to a few simple poses to help with stress management and strength and flexibility in the body.


As a male have you ever struggled with anything in the industry and how have you over come it?

Honestly, the most challenging part for me in the Yoga industry is implementing the right boundaries with students both male and female. When I first started teaching I was so open to all my students, I was too friendly and also wasn’t able to properly create boundaries in respecting my own time and space. I have since learnt how to implement those tools and techniques.


What advice would you give to males wanting to begin their practice?

Keep it simple, don’t rush and enjoy the journey.


Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry and why?

I have a number of inspiring teachers. For Yoga I tend to look to Rod Stryker. He is an incredible embodiment of the Yogic principles. He also masterfully weaves the Aryuvedic philosophies into his classes.


How does yoga serve you and your lifestyle?

It helps keep me grounded. Strong, flexible and connected to myself. Without this practice my journey would have been so different. It’s been incredible to have my practice with me through out my life. It’s helped in times of death, sorrow and joy and happiness. I reccomend it to everyone!!!


Josh will be facilitating his SOLAR + LUNAR Workshop in Wagga Wagga on April 28. For more details: https://www.facebook.com/events/1101365743338532/