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March Moon Vibes: What is The Moon Telling You?

Each month the Moon takes us on another journey through the cycle of the moon phases. Perhaps you’ve come to notice similar feelings at a particular time each month? Similar re occurrences over the months leading into this new year? But have you stopped to be aware of them and check in? It’s like when your child keeps poking you, “mum, mum, mum” until you stop what your doing and pay attention to them because after a while the repetitive “mum” sound does your head in. The Universe does the same, it sends messages through various forms, the Moon being one of them, not to simply help us get through this journey of life, but to live it. It reminds us that we are living creatures and that we do have a role in this world other then to simply ‘make a living’ each day. So over the past week and coming into this week, the two hardest weeks of 2017, according to astrology, what have you learnt? Let me share with you what we are being called to be aware of, according to these moon vibes.


New Moon Tuesday (AEST)

The New Moon on Tuesday has five planets in wilful Aries and a Mercury/Uranus conjunction adding extra spark! This means that it is a great day to initiate changes and new beginnings relating to Aries. Aries the ram, a cardinal fire sign, is symbolised by its horns and is ruled by the planet Mars. Aries relates to first house matters such as physical appearance, first impressions, self-fulfillment, ego, initiating forces and general outlook on the world. When the Sun or Moon moves through the constellation of Aries we tend to be more adventurous, pioneering, courageous, competitive and direct. We also can be more self-centered, impulsive and impatient. Whereas the Sun illuminates the male, active, initiating force, the changeable Moon rules the feminine and nurturing energy. The Moon is passive and receptive and reflective and indicates our emotional, instinctive and fearful behaviors.

This means you are likely to fear personal attack and loss of identity during this phase.

Dealing With This

By being aware that these sorts of feelings are heightened during this time means you can consciously monitor your actions when it comes to dealing with others and being on the receiving end of issues. Always being mindful and understanding that you cannot control what happens around you but you can control your thoughts and behaviors, which will provide self-support and comfort. Always come from a place of soul rather then ego which can be done by showing understanding and compassion for others; putting yourself in their shoes for a moment to get a feel of their perspective. The Moon vibes are asking us to choose our options carefully and morally take the higher ground, especially when it comes to money and love.

Perhaps you need to get comfortable with being uncomfortably seated for a moment so that you can stop and smell the Autumn flowers. This will help you to recharge and look at the positive changes to be made rather then dwelling on the restrictions holding you back. New Moon’s are always a time to welcome in the new by setting intentions. The first two weeks of this new moon cycle are always the best times to make a fresh start and start new projects.

End Of The Week Vibes

A Jupiter/Pluto square is exact on Friday and is with us for most of this year. It indicates a lack of tolerance, distorted views and compulsive behavior. According to astrologers global issues and unrest, which we first encountered last November, might resurface at this time. So allow what has been to stay behind and welcome in your new intentions with positive thoughts that come from a place of peace and love for yourself, others and the world around you.


Sunday morning daylight saving finishes, so don’t forget to turn your clocks back one hour!


Love + Light,




Affirmation for this week:

I have the inner strength and courage to explore the unknown.

New Moon Personal Enquiry and Intention Setting, ask yourself:

How can I make positive changes and leave restriction behind?

How can I begin that project I have been putting off?

How can I face the future with self confidence?