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Mind Blank: What To Do When All You Wish For Is Clarity

Sitting in a space of pure paradise bliss, the environment is there but the mind isn’t. What should I do about it?
It has been nearly 7 weeks since I departed Aus on this adventure to the Island of the Gods, Bali. Having a week to settle into the Sanur vibes was exactly what I needed to wind down from the normal Aussie country routine. Soon enough I started to do a 4 week yoga intensive training which was all about routine, #yogaeverydamnday, focus, motivation, socialising and a lot of mind work! Then, its finished and here you are so excited to have a bit of freedom (no, it wasn’t all coconuts and beach bliss like Instagram) all to find your self sitting face-on with the laptop, heavy-headed and not even knowing where to start!

So, WTF should I do?

Yes I asked myself that question over and over again until I actually realised I was asking myself that question… in a very deep paradise bliss state here. I could easily stay in this bliss state and choose to wander around being a tourist with my hand-woven Bali back pack, glowing tan and beach hair or I could get my notepad out and start doing something god damn useful. So I started writing this blog.


Writing blogs helps me think about what it is I am trying to think about. It is like journal-ling, you just spill everything out in an orderly way and then you go back over it and pull the pieces together. It helps me get inspiration because when the mind is blocked, in a state of delusion you cant see clearly let alone put on paper what it is your thinking. By typing away you let a whole heap of mind-junk out and in comes a whole heap of fresh inspiration. Its like breathing in a fresh lot of air and exhaling, letting sh*t go.

Mind mapping

We all have an inner child in us and we need to let him/her out more often then you’d think. So get the coloured pencils and paper out and draw a killer mind map. Start with what it is your trying to workshop, whether it be a new project, event, book or strategy and branch off from that your ideas, tactics and any information that comes to mind. This is all helping to create a plan here so just go with it. Just write that sh*t down. Let it out.

Create a Vibe

Music always aligns with my soul especially when I play someone like Ziggy Albert, or Tessa Devine! Crank it right up and feel the rhythm, connect with your inner being it is craving it! Dance away beautiful soul!

Use Some Energy

90% of the time when we need clarity we have too much energy. When we feel like we don’t have enough energy we have too much and the body, mind and soul is in a state of sub-consciousness that it becomes reactive rather then responsive. So whip your yoga mat out or put your runners on and get your sweat on! Even if its not a full 60 minute yoga class, then tip yourself upside down into salamba shirsasana and get some fresh blood flowing to that head of yours.
We all get stuck but it doesn’t have to last.

Always remember everything is temporary.

Never forget to embrace those moments, your body most likely needs it. After time it can get too much so why not save this blog link in your notes as a reminder for next time you get stuck. SAVE LINK

Love + light, B x