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Permaculture: 3 Simple Ways to Start

It is something that I was drawn to whilst on my travels in Bali this year and I wanted to learn more about where to start and the ‘way’ to integrate the permaculture principles into my home and garden so that I can offer my share of better nurturing this beautiful planet we live on. I am forever grateful for a beautiful friend who hosted a permaculture workshop over the weekend in her home among her living ecosystem. Here are a few things that I learn’t from the workshop that may help you start your permaculture journey.


 Value What You Are Doing

It is important that you understand the effect of permaculture and how it impacts on our planet. By having this understanding it will allow you to better value the effort and contribution you put into your home and garden. For example, by understanding the function of water and its many uses for us to live a healthy life and by being aware that it is a limited resource this would hopefully allow you to value it more and perhaps find a solution to reduce water wastage. There are many resources such as the workshop I attended and a vast array of books and online materials that can introduce you to a variety of permaculture methods. Below I have listed a couple:



Start Small

By starting small you are able to have better control over your space, which is more likely to result in a better effect later on rather then rushing in and starting huge, but not being able to manage it all. Permaculture is all about finding solutions that require less energy and allow the natural ecosystems to take place. So it is a great idea to create a small area to work on which may be a compost bin or placing your herb garden close to your front door so that you can maintain and view it each day as you walk in and out of your home. By doing this you are more aware of what your herbs need as far as water/light/pruning and this can be done within a couple of minutes as you enter and exit your home.


Chop & Drop Strategy

An effective, no-waste, low maintenance way of pruning your garden as the seasons change. Simply prune and drop the waste at the base of the plant so that it can reuse the nutrients rather than wasting it by throwing it in a pile out the back only to dry out or in the bin. Large wood plant cuttings can be dried out and reused in the fire place for heat in the cooler weather reducing the amount of electricity needed for your heater. This strategy avoids high amounts of waste and increases the amount of recyclable resources resulting in lower costs for your household and garden.



So there are a few simple ways that you can begin your permaculture journey within your own home. If you are interested in exploring this more I would highly recommend contacting Karen Lenehan from SHARE Permaculture who hosts these workshops throughout the year. She also has a FREE event coming up as part of International Permaculture Day on April 7th, which you can find more details on her Facebook page here. The time you put into understanding permaculture will lead to better health for both the Earth and humanity resulting in a win-win relationship for the planet and its people.


Love + Light,