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Plant-Based Foods: How it Changed my Gut

Approximately 60 days ago now I was sitting in a cafe called Soul In a Boul in Sanur, Indonesia with a woman I had just met. We were about to begin a month together of Yoga teacher Training in Sanur. We were getting ready to order off the menu and she mentioned that she was vegan. Veganism was something I had known about but had never actually experienced it. During out first day of training we were asked to challenge ourselves further then what the course was going to, perhaps go vegetarian or vegan for the month, give up alcohol or smoking etc. So I decided I would do the vegan thing and see how it went!

What I Noticed:

  • No bloating
  • Clearer mind
  • Increased energy levels
  • More frequent bowel movements (I mean my digestive system must have been completely blown out, it was loving it!)
  • Better quality dishes and of course better looking!!
  • Decrease in anxiety and stress
  • Softer, glowing skin
  • Decrease in bodily fluid levels, feeling lighter
  • and I am sure many more!

Of course you could definitely say the daily yoga and routine had an impact on all of the above things, but I really noticed it straight after I had eaten a meal. Imagine eating a meal and not even feeling as though you just had. You are satisfied with what you ate and I guess the bad thing is that you could easily eat more because your not bloated and it tastes so god damn good!

What is Veganism?

So basically being a vegan means you eat foods that are not harming animals during the process of getting the food to your plate. There is a lot of misunderstanding in regards to veganism and many vegans tend to be following the not-so-healthy path – it is more of a ‘thing’ that makes them feel like they are saving the world rather then consciously looking at their intake. It is a very conscious way of eating and really abides by the Yama called Ahimsya (meaning, non-harming). I discovered that Bali has a huge array of restaurants and cafes that accommodate this type of Foodie really well. The quality of the food is on point and looks amazing! I am not sure how well Australia has embraced this type of diet but I am keen to see how it goes in Wagga on my return.

Will I Continue…

Having grown up on a Angus Stud property and lived in the country my entire life it was really difficult for me to embrace this concept. Not because I am addicted to meat but I love a good steak, especially a good Angus steak from the farm my parents own. So, whats in store from here? I will be more conscious of everything I eat, which means PORTIONS, PORTIONS, PORTIONS. Everything I eat will be in moderation. So to begin with, x1 a week meat will be enough and it will only be fish or beef/lamb (who knows, I may not feel like it at all!). I am aware that I can substitute the power nutrients from both these dishes and eventually, maybe after I break it to my parents I might give them up too! I have weighed up a lot for different type of diets including Veganism, Vegetarian and Plant-based and I have to say I have lead more towards the Whole Food- Plant Based Diet.

Whole Food – Plant-Based Diet

The reason why I have leaned towards this way of eating is because it is REAL FOOD and it is a constant cleanse of the body. That is why it is called ‘Whole Food’. This food routine consists of eating majority fruit and vegetables. When I first started increasing my fruit and veg content in the way of smoothie and breakfast bowls weeks ago I felt that my stomach was feeling bloated and just not content with what it was fueling off. I wasn’t aware that the TYPE of fruit and veg has a huge effect on this. For example if your eating a high amount of sugary fruits like pineapple early in the morning your gut goes into autopilot mode. It may be different for other people. So, I went with fruits like banana and papaya which worked for me.

This way of eating is all about ‘Unprocessed Foods’ which is why its is so good for your gut. It is something that I classify as a Conscious Living method which definitely gets the tick! Of course, from my Ayurvedic studies I have come to learn its important to go with what works for your body too so if you are interested in this, definitely look into what types of fruit and veg work for your ‘dosha’ type which is the Ayurvedic categories your body type fits into.

The Life Sustaining Results

Since being in Bali I have met some pretty incredible human beings from all walks of live, each with their own unique story to share. I am so grateful the stories have been shared with me as its opened my eyes up wide to this world and how we live. Food is a large topic that is spoken about so often, it especially has been on this trip! During those conversations I have spoken with people who have shared their reasons to switching to these types of ways of eating. Each story had a similar take which was that eating this way sustained their life. From people suffering from cancer, MS and psychological disorders this way of eating cured all. That is proof that our intake reflects our outtake; how we can live our life.

Interested? Where to Start

If you are interested in giving it a try I am so excited for you! I can only share with you weeks of feelings about how I feel but there are many stories about people who have been living this way their entire life! So what I suggest doing is:

  1. Research: to get an understanding of what it is your actually doing. Perhaps seeing a Dietician or Nutritionist.
  2. Why: you are doing what it is that you have chosen. This is important because it is what is going to make it sustainable.
  3. Community: is what is going to support you through this. So ensure that you have people around you who are aware of your decision and why you are doing it.
  4. Journal: so that you can see how far you have come and especially so that you can monitor how your body is feeling. Maybe this is in the way of an Instagram account if your not the writing-type!

Always take care of yourself and seek medical advice where need be and of course have fun with this! Eat food that makes your soul happy and allows you to consciously live a life you love!

Love & Light,


B x


Source: 2017 Food Pyramid for Optimal Health

Source: 2017 Food Pyramid for Optimal Health