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February 1, 2018
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July 3, 2018

8-Week Conscious Living Meditation Course

Talbingo Mtn Retreat

During these 8-weeks you will be introduced to meditation and mindful practices to enable you to use these tools throughout the rest of your life.



What you will learn:

– Introduction to Meditation and the history in relation to Buddhist principles that aim to develop sati (mindfulness), samadhi (concentration), abhijñā (supramundane powers), samatha (tranquility), and vipassanā (insight).
– How to utilise a variety of meditation techniques to best suit your needs
– How to turn your focus inward and tap into Source, the place where you have control of your emotions and feelings
– How to create a meditation ritual to use daily
– A variety of breathing techniques to create a calm and steady mind in any environment
– Introduction to the concept of Perception is Projection with an accompanied eye-gazing meditation – very powerful

Benefits of meditation:

– Meditation reduces stress and anxiety, improving overall mental and emotional wellbeing.
– It improves concentration.
– It encourages a healthy lifestyle.
– The practice increases self-awareness.
– It increases happiness.
– Meditation increases acceptance and confidence within one self.
– It slows aging.
– The practice benefits cardiovascular and immune health.
– The practice allows you to see everything with a different perspective developing yrou compassion for everything around you.




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