Kids Yoga & Cooking Term 2 – After-School
February 1, 2018
Manifest Your Life – An Intimate Manifestation Workshop
July 3, 2018

Kids Yoga Tuesdays – After School

What Will be Covered?
• Kids Yoga: delivered in a fun and interactive way that children will understand in cluding resting ‘savasana’ time so that your children come home relaxed and calm ready for evening ‘down time’.
• Breathing Techniques that children can easily complete and remember to do in different situations.
• Visualisations to allow your child’s imaginative and creative mind to be used in a mindful way.
• Loads of fun opening up the heart and shining your little ones light!


Ages: 5-12

Venue: Simp Lee Yoga and Massage Centre

*Parents welcome to stay at centre in foyer area whilst classes run.


Benefits of mindfulness for children:
The benefits of mindfulness with children
• Research shows that mindfulness training increases connectivity in the frontal lobe of the brain, which is linked to improved attention, memory processing and decision making abilities.
• Mindfulness training involves tuning in to internal and external experiences with curiosity resulting in increased self-awareness, social awareness, and self-confidence.
• Mindfulness training increases children’s ability to self-regulate their emotions, especially difficult emotions such as fear and anger, through breathing and other grounding techniques.
• Mindfulness has been shown to improve empathy or the ability to understand what another person is thinking or feeling, which improves children’s awareness of others and helps them to build positive relationships.
Mindfulness and childhood mental health
• Mindfulness training has been to shown to reduce the severity of depression, anxiety and ADHD in children.
• Mindfulness builds resilience by giving children skills to help them to cope better with stress, as well as engage more fully with themselves and the world.

If this class fills up we have a sister program ‘Connect, Create with Love running on Monday and Wednesday afternoons which is a longer program and includes cooking and harvesting, 3:45-5:15pm.


Full term: $200/child (10 weeks)
Bank Transfer: Westpac
Soul Collective
BSB: 032769
ACC: 613451
Ref: Kids Full Name


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