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Manifest Your Life – An Intimate Manifestation Workshop

Let me share how it started for me …

✨It’s amazing to realise that each of us has an opportunity to create the life we want to live and it begins with one thing: thoughts. ✨

It was over 6 years ago I was introduced to The Secret and Law of Attraction and since have observed the amazing impact our thoughts have on our life. Everyday I choose to Consciously Live a Life I Love and this is what I create space for, so that others can also live this way.

As part of my one-on-one Conscious Living sessions we workshop ‘Manifestation’ and observe. It is from observing without judgement or attachment we can see the truth. This can be beautiful and also the opposite. It can make you feel happy and it can make you feel sad. But with observation comes opportunity, the opportunity for you to create CHANGE.

✨✨✨✨ & woo! Change is friken amazing! It allows you to grow, evolve and experience these magical universals energetic shifts of synchronicities and alignment. Change allows you to grow into the incredible human being you were brought to this planet for!

Alignment Is Key

On that note, alignment is so important. Believe me, I have found that out the hard way!
By alignment I mean, are you living your life aligned with your personal values? Is your job aligned with your values? Where you spend most of your working week, is this aligned with who you are? Are your relationships and social connections aligned with you? Is your home aligned with you? Do you wake up each and every day loving your life? Are you truly happy?

2018 has well and truly begun, but as we come to the half-way through the year mark I would like to ask you something … What did you commit to 6 months ago? Do you still feel motivated/committed and aligned with those intentions? If not, this may be for you!

Commit To You

✨Make the commitment to yourself to consciously step into ‘the tune of your own flow’. Not the flow of the world around you, but your own harmonic flow. Be the flow. Choose how you want to spend your time on this Earth.✨

Each year I do a vision board and on December 1 2017 I ran a workshop for my clients and general public as I thought I would absolutely love to do this with likeminded humans and share our manifestations. Everyone loved it, but I understand that sometimes we get distracted and come off track and need a little help and accountability to come back ✨✨


Stage 1

The workshop entails three stages. The first stage involves ‘asking’ and is a workshop where I will share with you my top tips with manifesting. These tips I share are based on my own experiences and I will share with you real-life events that I have manifested. We will then go into a journalling session where I will ask you thought provoking questions and the space will be created for you to delve deep into your soul/intuition and bring out what is hiding deep within  that is wanting to come alive. this is generally the stage where my clients have had some incurable self-realisations about how they wish to live their life. I have even had clients come up with amazing business ideas and ventures that they are running to this day.


Stage 2

The second stage involves ‘believing’ and moves into a powerful meditation where you will consciously set your intentions based off your soul-findings. Why we do this in a meditation is because during meditation you are guided into a deep conscious state. A place of pure awareness. As your guide, I will open you wide so that you can bring in to your life whatever it is your desire.


Stage 3

The final stage is where we then create and enjoy the ‘believing-receiving’ stage by creating a vision bard for you to take home and reflect on each day from their onwards. This is the fun part where everyone shares their visions and the vibration rises even more that I actually believe this is the powerful part where we subconsciously helping others manifest their visions and each of you wil!!


Live workshop also includes:

Throughout we sip some herbal ayurvedic teas to balance our Doshas, enjoy eating Earth Food (buddha bowls made by me!), inhale loads of the Oil Of Abundance (Wild Orange), play with oracle cards with guidance from the Universe Angels and Guides, journalistic conversations on mandala rugs  and loads of manifesting!


Are you ready?


This workshop is available live as a group, online or even one-on-one. For the next workshop please email