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Spark your Spirit May 2017 Well-being Retreat



  1. the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy:


Spark your Spirit May 2017 Well-being Retreat


Immerse yourself in this 2-day well-being retreat nestled in the countryside. Situated 15 minutes from Wagga Wagga on a property outside the rural town of Oura, you will absorb the purifying energies of the landscape that surrounds you on this overnight stay. Designed for those wanting that breath of fresh air we so often grasp for during life’s daily activities, yet rarely get to experience due to commitments and that big word, time! This retreat has been intuitively created to give you the break you need to spark your spirit, whilst mindfully being in close proximity to avoid large travel times and lengthy days away from your family and home commitments.

The retreat is limited to 10 spaces to allow for an intimate and supportive setting for sharing and being nurtured. All genders are welcome and ages above 18 years. The retreat content will allow you to connect within for relaxation whilst also creating a space for you to explore new ways of integrating conscious living practices and spirituality into your everyday life.



Brooke Brunskill, founder of Soul Collective is a Health and Well-being Mentor, Reiki Healer, Yoga Teacher and Intuitive Balinese Massage Therapist. Brooke combines crystals, sound bowl healing, yogic philosophy, Ayurvedic principles, essential oils and Earth elements to intuitively offer what she feels her clients best need. Everything Brooke offers is based around Conscious Living which you can find more details about here.

Combined with 5 years of event management experience Brooke understands the desires of both men and women when it comes to creating events, workshops and retreats that tap into the heart and soul of the attendees. Brooke hopes that this retreat will not only allow you to experience the relaxation that your soul craves but it will also encourage you to dive deep within to connect with the source of your soul and discover what you may not have recognized within you before. The entire retreat will be structured around the schedule outlined below but it will also be intuitively guided by Brooke based on how the attendees feel throughout to ensure the best experience.

Brooke Brunskill

You will be embraced.

You will feel safe.

You will be encouraged.

You will be nurtured.

You will be You.

You will find the Spark of your Spirit,

and shine.

-Brooke Brunskill, Conscious Living




Saturday 20 May 2017

12pm – Check-in/set up (2hr period)

2pm – Welcome Ceremony & Blessing

3:30pm – ‘Find your item to light a spark’ connecting with nature walk

4pm – Gentle Blindfold Yoga – ‘Finding Your Direction’

5pm – Free time (journal, read, share, explore)

6:00pm –Mindful Eating & Balinese Sunset Feast

7:30pm – Dessert & Campfire Ecstatic Dance

8:30pm –Sleep Prep – Nidra Meditation and Share Circle

9pm – The lights go out and the stars shine bright!


Sunday 21 May 2017

6:15am – Sunrise Flow Yoga

7:30am – Smoothie Bowls and Tea

8:00am – ‘Creating Your Morning Ritual’ Introduction & Oracle Guidance

9:00am – Grounding Session: Tree Hugging Nature Walk

10:00am – Morning Tea

10:15am – Laughter Meditation

10:45am – Pack up

12pm – Closing Ceremony Blessing & Kundalini Chanting Circle

12:30pm – Lunch

1pm – Departure

(optional afternoon Reiki and massage appointments available throughout the afternoon. Bookings essential.)


Things to consider:

This retreat has been designed to bring you back to the basics as we so heavily rely on materialistic possessions so please consider the following:

  • Camping: A challenge within itself, so please be aware that you will be sleeping under the stars either in your tent or swag and you may be required to adapt to conditions such as weather and Mother Nature.
  • Limited phone reception: As we are situated between the hills reception is limited at the camp site, however if due to an emergency we have access to reception at the cottage next to the camp site. It is a great chance for you to switch off mobile phones and really dive deep into this time and space for you personally.
  • To be challenged: This retreat has been designed to allow you the break that you deserve whilst also encouraging you to be open to exploring your soul-being more, this means you may be exposed to deeper parts of yourself that you may not have known before.
  • Be open: “To shine light upon the darkness, first the darkness has to come to the surface”. So please be open to sharing your experiences during the retreat sessions and know that the retreat space is there for you to expose emotions throughout this time in a safe and nurturing way. If we block the emotions from coming up they will only deepen.
  • Have no expectations: When we have expectations we are focusing on the past or future of how things should be or could have been. Instead, be present and focus on the power of each moment in its ‘now’. The only thing your can control is within you.
  • Be you: This is a time to truly be you. It is a time for your being to feel at peace and nurtured. So allow your soul to shine in all of its authenticity and nurture it with the love and compassion it so deserves.


If you are interested in this retreat you can request more information by contacting

Below are some images of the location at Oura Tipi Stay.


Oura Tipi Stay

Oura Tipi Stay

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 12.53.02 pm