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December 13, 2017
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April 18, 2018

What 2017 Taught Me …

What 2017 taught me … What did it teach you?

2017 taught me …

So much more than I thought it had prior to writing this. The year began horrid to be completely honest, which has set me up to make sure that I bring in the new year truly aligned with the people, places and experiences that truly resonate with me.

This year really was the year that saw my holistic wellness biz lift off, and take me into a new direction career wise. At the beginning of the year I jetted off solo to Bali where I lived for nearly 3 months, studied, delved right into the world of yoga and met incredible souls whom I still connect with weekly, some daily.

The first 4 months of 2017 took me way out of my comfort zone. It was a push and pull of being able to be alone, connect with new people, back to basics of study which took me back to memories of moving to Sydney at the age of 16 for boarding school – a roller coaster of emotions I had to face.

It brought up my past so that I could reflect and move forward.

I made choices.

I made the choice to do life for me. To work on me. To consciously live a life I loved.

You could easily say 2017 was highly linked to 2016 in that it was a big journey of letting go of things that didn’t serve me in 2016. Relationships, career, financially, environmentally …

2017 also taught me a lot I didn’t realise about myself. How I tend to get too comfortable very easily, and sometimes cannot realise until I have to go through the journey of being uncomfortable which can be difficult. I then realised this is life, and that is growth. So bring it 🙌🏽

I learnt to care for myself a lot more. I previously felt guilty to do this as from past and some current relationships it was something that was looked upon as selfish.

This brings me to the biggest thing I learnt and that is to step into your truth. And I mean your divine truth. The truth where you completely surrender. You let go of what no longer serves you even if you feel a certain duty to that person, place or experience.

I learnt that I deserve the absolute best because I give my absolute best. I am the absolute best at being me and so is every other human being on this planet the best at being them, you just need to own it and step right into that truth of YOU.

I learnt to not give a f*^k about what others think.

Recently, I learnt that I am the only one responsible for how I feel. I am the only one responsible for my circumstances. I am the only one responsible for any illness. I choose who I surround myself around and I can choose who I want to have an affect on my emotions. I realised that different things will affect me and it’s up to me to surround myself, again, around the people, places and experiences that allow you to shine your light and be your best self.

I learnt that when it comes to intimate relationships everything you see is a mirror. That your soul partner is someone who shows you what you can’t show yourself because you avoid. They shine light upon your dark areas to help you grow. They make you a better person. I learnt that I want them to be my best friend before anything more. I have been opened up to many many new ways of looking at intimate relationships and am so excited for when that moment comes where I meet my divine partner. But I have learnt to have no expectation. To have no attachment to any timeframes, whether it be this life time or another.

I’ve learned to let love in and still work on it. Everyday. By loving myself. To allow my divine feminine to shine through me like all the stars in the sky. Allow the flow to keep on flowing. To Balance giving and receiving. Balance doing and being.

I learnt that you can forget what people said to you but you’ll never forget how they made you feel. My scars are gentle reminders of my journey. What I’ve been taught and what I let go of to soar forward.

I realised it’s ok to fall. It’s ok to not connect with any of the above in that moment/s amongst the chaos and unconscious mind. But when you are, the one thing you can come back to is what you have FAITH in. The Universe has your back. Always.

Your here to live, live authentically, find your truth and share it with the world. You have all the power all you need is the inner belief and that is what makes magic happen.

Love + Light, Brooke